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About Emily Ann

Emily is a southern girl with dreams of performing on stages beyond the comfort of her Louisiana home. Through many attempts and some failures, her passion to reach the world through music has remained constant. From childhood to adulthood, she has always had a song to sing. 

In 2016, she appeared as a contestant on the farewell season of American Idol before the 2018 renewal.  It is here where her dream became even more real. After an elimination during group rounds of Hollywood week, Emily traveled home to Louisiana to create her first single "Vulnerable." She followed that release with a personal tribute, titled "Forgive Me." Although she travels the world daily, the one thing that keeps her grounded is music. 

The Sound

Since she was a little girl, the sounds of Whitney Houston, Dorothy Dandridge, Regina Belle, Beyonce, and more captivated Emily. She would try her hand at writing songs and free-styling in video recordings. With time, she found her own sound within the mix of rhythms she came alive to through her musical inspirations. It is a little jazzy, a little funk, r&b, a dash of pop, and a lot of fun! Emily is currently writing and preparing to release new work which will be available in digital stores. Her singles “Vulnerable” and "Forgive Me" are  available now! A remix and a vocals only version is also available on SoundCloud for download! 

Listen to "Vulnerable" now!

Check out the "Vulnerable" remix!

A wonderful DJ in Sweden reached out to me on Instagram when he remixed my song AND I LOVE IT. So much, that I want to share his work! Check it out on Soundcloud and thanks again DJ More-10! 

Listen to "Forgive Me"

Here's a tune that I penned, stemming from my personal life. Maybe you can relate!


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